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Postby niafall » Tue Oct 11, 2016 4:38 pm

Hello RGeostats team;

I am using the vario.trans.cut function to transform a variogram I have calculated for an anamorphosis-truncated variable to the Gaussian equivalent. I notice that the variances for the transformed, gaussian variograms are always equal to 1 after applying the vario.trans.cut function. Am I correct in interpeting the vars component of the transformed variogram object as the equivalent sample variance of the gaussian variable?

If so, does this mean that the mean variogram across a time-series of such gaussian variograms derived using vario.trans.cut will automatically be scaled to any one of those gaussian variograms from the time-series (i.e. instead of having to scale the mean variogram to an individual survey's sample variance, as in Fernandes & Rivoirard 1999).

Many thanks.
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