How to setup RGeostats package?

How to use RGeostats package step-by-step.
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How to setup RGeostats package?

Postby Nicolas Desassis » Fri Sep 21, 2012 5:00 pm


1) Install R platform

2) Install RStudio Desktop [Recommended] (More details here):
    - Download the Free version of RStudio Desktop here
    - Install RStudio
    - Create a new RMarkdown template file (install missing packages if needed)
    - Generate the HTML or PDF output file (install missing dependencies if needed)
3) Install package Rcpp
    - From RStudio: "Packages" tab, "Install" button, Install from: "Repository (CRAN)"
    - From an R prompt: Execute command: install.packages("Rcpp")
    - From RGui (Windows): "Packages" top menu, "Install package(s)..."

RGeostats installation:

1) Download the last version of RGeostats corresponding to your system.

2) Install the package as usual (More details here):
Replace below the /path/to/rgeostats.archive.file string by the correct downloaded RGeostats archive file path (.zip, .tgz or .tar.gz)
    - From RStudio: "Packages" tab, "Install" button, Install from: "Package Archive File (.tar.gz)"
    - From a Terminal: "R CMD INSTALL /path/to/rgeostats.archive.file"
    - From an R prompt: Execute command: install.packages("/path/to/rgeostats.archive.file", repos=NULL, type="binary")
    - From RGui (Windows): "Packages" top menu, "Install package(s) from local zip files"

3) Load the package by using the R command library(). (More details here):
    - From RStudio: "Packages" tab, click on the checkbox just in front of the RGeostats package
    - From an R prompt: "library(RGeostats)"
    - Then, check that all is good: "demo(RGeostats.start)"
4) Have fun! :D

If you encounter some issues loading the RGeostats package, please follow these instructions.

Optional RGeostats packages dependency:
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