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Frequently Asked Questions

PostPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2012 6:35 pm
by Nicolas Desassis
Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I cannot reset my password
    Please send us the request by mail here: rgeostats[at]

  • License agreement
    • Please, read carrefully our LICENSE agreement.
    • RGeostats and R2I must be used for a non commercial purpose
  • Why the R packages RGeostats is not available on CRAN?
      RGeostats is a free software for a non-commercial use.
      But the source code of the Geoslib library (MINES ParisTech / ARMINES) from which RGeostats depends is not open-source.
      So RGeostats package cannot be available on CRAN.
  • Does the R package R2I is free of charge?
      The R2I package is free of charge but necessitates a valid license of Isatis in order to transfer data between R2I and Isatis. Please contact Geovariances to purchase a valid license of Isatis.
  • To get started with RGeostats or R2I
  • RGeostats Features:
      All RGeostats function descriptions are available here.

How to cite RGeostats:
Renard D., Bez N., Desassis N., Beucher H., Ors F., Laporte F.
RGeostats: The Geostatistical R package [version number].
Free download from: