How to load RGeostats package?

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How to load RGeostats package?

Postby Nicolas Desassis » Fri Sep 21, 2012 4:13 pm

RGeostats package must be installed first on the system.

Loading RGeostats

If the RGeostats package has been installed with root access or under windows, simply execute this command under the R prompt:
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Otherwise, without root access under linux or Mac, you must indicate to the library command where you have installed the RGeostats package:
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Loading RGeostats for the first time (versions < 11)

Note that for version 11 and upper, the license system has been suppressed. Therefore you can skip the end of this post.

When loading RGeostats for the first time, the following message is issued (this message could be different in future versions):

Geoslib 10.0.0 - June, 24th 2014
Problem with the Geoslib License
You must register a valid License for Geoslib!
To identify yourself, please carefully note the activation code:


In case of problem, please contact:

You can generate your License File from the site:
You will automatically receive the license file by email.
(If no mail arrives, please check your JUNK mail or SPAMs)

When you receive a valid License File:
- place it into your favorite location on disk (no special characters into the path)
- use the command license.define()

Failed to load RGeostats - Version: 10.0.4

As mentionned, you must have a valid License File to run RGeostats the first time.
This License File needs to be loaded only once, at your first use of RGeostats.
In all subsequent R sessions (even when installing new versions of the package) involving RGeostats, the License File will not be asked again.

The license file can be generated automatically by answering this questionnaire.
Note that the requested activation code is given in the welcome RGeostats message (see above - at the place of XXXXX)
You will immediatly receive your License File by email. Store the file into your computer.
The complete path of your License File must not contain special characters (accent, signs, quotes, etc..)!

After that, you must type the command:
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Under windows:
A file browser dialog immediatly pops up in order to select the License File.

Under Linux or Mac:
You can directly specify the complete path as license.define argument. Otherwise, the following message is issued:
You must define the License File Name
Enter file name:

Check that RGeostats is correctly loaded

RGeostats should display its version number:
Loading RGeostats - Version:10.0.0

Then check if the welcome demonstration script runs correctly:
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Loading issues

If there is a problem loading RGeostats package, please, look at these instructions.
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