Anamorphosis fitting proplem

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Anamorphosis fitting proplem

Postby dagasan » Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:52 am


I was trying to do Gaussian Anamorphosis fit and I have encountered with a problem which I wanted to ask you.

Having run the following code:

Code: Select all
data.db <- db.create(Exdemo_2D_pollution.table,flag.grid=FALSE,ndim=2,autoname=F)
data.db <- db.locate(data.db,"Zn","z",1),"Zn")

I get the following error:

Abort : Slot error in Pile Management: rank(1) >= max[type=5](1)
Error in anam0.start(anam) : Abort caught by C and return to R

Could you please let me know if there is any point that I am missing.

Thank you,
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