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[SOLVED] gaussian anamorphosis

PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:52 am
by eman0706
Dear Friends,

I'm trying to tranform the Zn concentration (very skewed) into Gaussian.

I attempted such task in the following way:


#Create a standard db-class and define its type (Grid or Point)
dbZ_obs<-db.create(Z_obs, flag.grid = FALSE, nx = NA, x0 = NA, dx = NA,
nech = NA, angles=NA, ndim = NA, nvar = NA, autoname = TRUE)


#Fit the Anamorphosis parameter, name="Z", type="gaus", nbpoly = 50, azmin =azmin, azmax = azmin, aymin = 0, aymax = 1,
ndisc= NA, sigma2e=NA, zcut=NA, maf=NA, draw=TRUE,verbose=FALSE)

but get the following error:

Error: Error in R_anam_fit_hermitian

Can someone help me??



Re: gaussian anamorphosis

PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:30 pm
by Didier Renard
The problem is simple.
You are creating a data base WITH NO COORDINATE. This is not standard in RGeostats as it will not let you perform any spatial procedure.
However, this is not a restriction when performing a purely statistical procedure, such as the anamorphosis.
But, if you look at the contents of the Db (called dbZ_obs) right after the db.create() function, you will see the no variable receives the locator "z1": we say that no field is locatorized as a variable.
But this is what the next procedure (i.e. requires.

In order to solve the problem, simply set the correct locator to the variable of interest, called "Z_obs" by typing:

dbZ_obs = db.locate(dbZ_obs,"Z_obs","z")

The rest of the procedure will work OK.