How to convert my workspace from RGeoS to RGeostats

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How to convert my workspace from RGeoS to RGeostats

Postby Fabien Ors » Wed Sep 03, 2014 3:56 pm

Once RGeostats has been successfully installed, you may need to convert your previous workspace created using old RGeoS package.

When loading the RGeostats package using the command library(RGeostats) or using the "Load Package" Menu under Windows, the current workspace is automatically converted (RGeostats <= 10.0.7). A message is displayed whether the conversion is successfull or not. If it is a succes, it is displayed how much objects have been converted. For new version or RGeostats (>= 10.0.8), the conversion must be done manually.

But after loading the RGeostats package, if you want to switch to another workspace coming from RGeoS using the command load(.RData) or using the 'Switch Workspace" Menu under Windows, you will need to convert it by hand.

To do so, you must execute the command :
Code: Select all

This command has no effect if no objects comes from RGeoS.
If you encounter some issues whith these command, please look at this instructions
More information on that command here
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