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Report an issue

Postby Fabien Ors » Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:07 am

If you encounter a problem when loading or using RGeostats package, please follow these instructions:
First of all, please, look for the problem on this forum.
If your problem is not already discussed, please ensure that it is reproducible, then...

New topic:
  • Create a new topic in the Troubleshootings board
  • Describe step by step the operations which lead to the problem
  • Provide debugging information (see below)

Debugging information:
Copy / paste these instructions in a R console, then copy paste the results in your message:
Code: Select all
system("ver")      # Will work only under Windows
system("uname -v") # Will work only under Linux (and Mac OS)
system("sw_vers")  # Will work only under Mac OS
for (trgo_ in ls(all.names=T)) { print(trgo_); print(class(eval(parse(text=trgo_)))); cat("\n") }; rm(trgo_)
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