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Geostatistical estimation variance of the arithmetic/kriging mean


Geostatistical estimation variance of the arithmetic/kriging mean


global(dbin, model = model.input(), uc=c("1"), polygon = NA, mean = NA,
dbout=NA, calcul = "krige", ivar = 1, verbose = 1, ndisc=50, seed = 321441,
flag.regular=TRUE, flag.polin=TRUE, flag.wgt=FALSE, combine="set")



The db-class structure containing the data file. Note that this file MUST be organized as a regular grid when using the transitive method.


The model-class structure containing the Model information


The drift description. Use command uc.names for details.


The polygon-class structure which contains the polygon within which the mean value must be estimated.


Array containing the mean of each variable, used in the case of Simple (Co-)Kriging


The db-class structure containing the discretization Grid File. If not provided, a grid is defaulted (the number of cells is given by the parameters 'ndisc').


Option for the calculation of the global estimation. It can be:

  • 'arith': for an estimation using the arithmetic mean

  • 'krige': for an estimation using kriging

  • 'trans': for an estimation using transitive method

  • 'mean' : for an estimation of the theoretical mean


Rank of the target variable (starting from 1). Note that the transitive global estimation is not available in the multivariate case.


1 for a verbose output; 0 otherwise


Number of discretization steps used for:

  • the calculation of the mean covariogram over a cell (stratified case)

  • the calculation of the integral range (regular case)


Seed used for the generation of random numbers. When 0, the seed is not initialized.


When TRUE, use the regular transitive method; otherwise use the stratified transitive method.


If TRUE, only the input data which belong to the Polygon are used for the estimation. Otherwise, all the data are used (even if they do not lie within the polygon). See also the comments on the argument 'combine'.


When TRUE, a vector which contains the kriging weights is provided as a returned argument. This option is only available when calcul="krige".


When a selection of active data is performed within a Polygon ('flag.polin' set to TRUE) and if a selection already exists, the 'combine' keyword indicates how the polygon selection must be combined with the previous one. For more information on the available keywords, check db.selcombine.


A list containing the following information:

* zest : Global estimation

* sse : Standard deviation on the Global estimated Mean

* cv : CV

* wgt : a vector containing the kriging weights (of the whole data set, regardless of any selection) when calcul="krige", NA otherwise.

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