list.keypair {RGeostats}R Documentation

Print the set of key-pair bindings


Print the set of key-pair bindings (if any)





When TRUE, the list of keywords is printed. When FALSE, the list of keywords and their contents is printed.


The 'keypair' mechanism is a way to define the value of specific parameter used in the core of a calculation procedure (Geoslib library), without having to pass it as argument (RGeostats package).

It allows the user to set its own value to the parameter (set.keypair or to retreive the current value assigned to this parameter get.keypair. Note that these user-defined values are not saved from one RGeostats session to the other.

The mechanism uses a binding between the name of this parameter ("keyword") and its value. It is therefore essential to know the list of the keywords that are expected within the Geoslib library.

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