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Perform Delaunay triangulation


Perform Delaunay triangulation


meshing(db=NA, dbaux=NA, triswitch = "Q", gext=NA, verbose = FALSE,
        flag.plot=TRUE, ...)



First db-class to be taken into account for triangulation.


Auxilary db-class to be taken into account for triangulation.


Command line which may contain the following keywords:

  • p Triangulates a Planar Straight Line Graph.

  • r Refines a previously generated mesh.

  • q Quality mesh generation. A minimum angle may be specified.

  • a Applies a maximum triangle area constraint.

  • u Applies a user-defined triangle constraint.

  • A Applies attributes to identify triangles in certain regions.

  • c Encloses the convex hull with segments.

  • D Conforming Delaunay: all triangles are truly Delaunay.

  • j Jettison unused vertices from output .node file.

  • e Generates an edge list.

  • v Generates a Voronoi diagram.

  • n Generates a list of triangle neighbors.

  • g Generates an .off file for Geomview.

  • B Suppresses output of boundary information.

  • P Suppresses output of .poly file.

  • N Suppresses output of .node file.

  • E Suppresses output of .ele file.

  • I Suppresses mesh iteration numbers.

  • O Ignores holes in .poly file.

  • X Suppresses use of exact arithmetic.

  • z Numbers all items starting from zero (rather than one).

  • o2 Generates second-order subparametric elements.

  • Y Suppresses boundary segment splitting.

  • S Specifies maximum number of added Steiner points.

  • l Uses vertical cuts only, rather than alternating cuts.

  • s Force segments into mesh by splitting (instead of using CDT).

  • C Check consistency of final mesh.

  • Q Quiet: No terminal output except errors.

  • V Verbose: Detailed information on what I'm doing.

  • h Help: Detailed instructions for Triangle.


When 'dbaux' is organized as a grid, it may be dilated by gext. This argument designates an array, with its dimension equal to the dimension of the space and which contains the extension defined in number of grid nodes.


Verbose flag


When TRUE, the constraining vertices, holes and segments are represented. The created trinagles are also represented.


Arguments passed for graphic function such as mesh.plot.


A list with the following contents:

Note that the following parameters can be indirectly accessed (they have been suppressed from the output list):


# Load the Data Set from Jonathan Richard Shewchuk web site.

# Perform the basic triangulation #
res = meshing(db=tri.db,triswitch="Q")

# Perform the triangulation with surface constraint #
res = meshing(db=tri.db,triswitch="Qa0.005")

# Remove file
rm(tri.db, tri.res)

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